We are committed to making our products as eco-friendly as possible and it all starts with the fabrics. We use natural, eco friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, tencel lyocell, bamboo, etc. This means our fabrics are better for both the planet and your skin. 

We only want partner with factories who treat and compensate their workers fairly, and implement measures to protect the environment. Our current factory is a really knowledgeable & ethical Chinese factory. Some facts:

- Located in China Guangzhou
- Only uses recycled fabrics and natural dyes
- Limits use of water
- BSCI Certification to ensure: No child labor, workers protection, no discrimination, fair pay, decent working hours, protection of the environment, and so on.
- Pride themselves on being different not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of ethical responsibility.

NOTE: We realize there is a common misconception that made in China must equal fast fashion, cheap quality, and bad working conditions. Sure, there are unethical factories in China (and all over the world) but there are also great factories that take pride in high-quality production, ethical working conditions, and sustainability. 🤍 

We are limiting the amount of packaging and marketing materials sent with your order.Your order will be sent in 100% recycled poly mailers or weatherproof kraft paper. 
Please note: The poly bags are a #4 plastic which means they can’t be recycled in single stream recycling plants but have to be recycled the way you would recycle a grocery bag (typically by taking them to a grocery store that participates in the recycling of these plastics).